Endorsements & Testimonials

Endorsements & Testimonials

See what community leaders say about Mayor Leigh Dollar.

As former mayor I know what it takes to run the city. Leigh Dollar has done an excellent job moving Guntersville forward. We know what we get with Leigh and it is all good. She loves our city, has a passion for being mayor, and has proven she can effectively lead Guntersville.
— Bob Hembree, former mayor and business owner

When I head to the polls on August 25th, I’ll be thinking about a proven record, visionary leadership, impeccable integrity and a spotless reputation. That’s why I’ll be voting for Leigh Dollar for Mayor of Guntersville.
— Tom Roberts, lifelong resident, nonprofit exec. director

One of the most important things Leigh Dollar has done as mayor is improving the city’s infrastructure, especially technology infrastructure. Her success in making Guntersville a Gig City, and creating access to super high-speed Internet, is critical for our company and many others as we grow jobs for the city.
— George Kappler, founder and chairman of Kappler, Inc.

HydroFest has afforded me the opportunity to work with Mayor Dollar and to get to know her — as Guntersville’s cheerleader, leader, and at times enforcer. She has done a phenomenal job, not only supporting big events but also with city services and infrastructure. One need only take a ride around this postcard we call Guntersville to see my point.
— Kenny Shifflett, HydroFest event chairman

Mayor Dollar is honest and pragmatic, and she as been extremely responsive to our community’s needs. Her willingness to listen to the public’s concerns and get things done sets her far apart — I urge everyone to re-elect Leigh Dollar as Mayor.
— Cynthia Staten-Harrison, lifelong resident

Leigh Dollar is a great leader for Guntersville. She works hard for all areas of the city and is very effective in supporting business. Leigh is also respected statewide as president of the Alabama League of Municipalities. That is a position that pays big dividends for our city, and we can’t afford to lose that for Guntersville.
— Shaun Packard, M.D., retired pediatrician

I have lived in Guntersville all my life, and anyone who knows me knows I shoot straight. Leigh Dollar works for the whole community. From the harbor and ball field projects to helping education, she has done a lot of good for Guntersville — and she will do even more.
— Mitzi Johnson Lipscomb, lifelong resident

I’m a teacher and also involved in helping young people, so I truly appreciate Leigh Dollar’s support of our youth. With major youth-oriented projects such as the Rec expansion and planning for a new high school underway, we need Mayor Dollar more than ever.
— Heather Jones, elementary school teacher

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